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Mama Kath Tip #3

Mama Kath Tip #3

Water Test…Are You Drinking Enough?

NOTE: Lost fluids must be replaced or your body has to work harder.

Are you drinking enough water?

Pour yourself a big glass of water and count the number of symptoms (below) that fit you:

 Chronic Bad Breath
 Itchy Dry Skin, Dandruff and Chapped Lips
 Muscle Cramps and Pain in Joints
 High or Low Blood Pressure
 Lack of Concentration and Impaired Memory
 Light-headed, dizziness or Vertigo
 Frequent Headaches
 Irritable or Mood Swings
 Stomach Pain or Ulcers
 Poor Digestion
 Chronic Fatigue
 Cholesterol Imbalance
 Sweet or Salty Food Cravings
 Unable to Lose Weight
 Urinary Tract Infections
 Eczema Outbreaks
 Premature Aging
 Frequent Respiratory Problems
 Foul Body Odor

If you are suffering from ANY of the above… the first and fastest thing you can do is drink more water! _________________________________________

Water serves us in many ways:

It flushes waste from the body;

It regulates body temperature;

Is a primary building block for cells;

Saliva aids in swallowing and digestion;

Lubricates joints; and 

Cushion for organs, fetus, brain and spinal cord. 

For your health and fertility, drink and eat lots of water, vegetables and fruit!

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