Trying To Conceive

You are not alone!

Hi Ladies…

at the age of 40 and after a ton of tests, the medical profession labeled me “unexplained infertility” and “spontaneous aborter”…argh!

These diagnoses inspired me to become Mama Kath. You see, I could get pregnant but not stay pregnant. How utterly frustrating! Life is funny that way, turns out that this would inspire me to help a world of couples restore hormone balance, clear blocked tubes, eliminate migraines, annovulation and infertility by introducing herbs and food supplements to their daily regime. I have been helping couples around the world conceive for 16 years and have countless confirmations (and babies around the world) as proof of our successes.

I am past menopause now and realize if I had been able to have children, I never would have opened this door to helping others conceive naturally. I feel blessed to have found my path and have been passionately helping others ever since 1998.

To give you a little history, I was born in 1952. I married the first time in 1977 (age 25) and became pregnant weeks after stopping my birth control pills in January ’83 (age 30) (EDD 10/3/83) but miscarried on 4/13/83. The 2nd pregnancy took considerable effort but we finally conceived 9/19/84 (EDD 6/19/85) only to miscarry on 11/19/84. Both pregnancies ended in a miscarriage at 6-8 weeks. They told me I had to miscarry at least three times before they would do testing. The miscarriages took a toll and we divorced.

I met my soulmate and we conceived on 7/19/93 (EDD 4/19/93). When I began to bleed at 6 weeks (like all the rest) I insisted and saw my doctor immediately! He told me how “unfortunate” and to go home, put my feet up. I lost it, grabbed his tie and said “I want you to do something…I don’t care what…but do something!” 

I watched his little heart beating through vaginal ultrasound so I went home to relax. The bleeding became quite heavy over the next 5 days and heartbeat stopped. I had D&C on 9/19/93.

I passed all the tests, even genetic. The default answer appears to be that to circumvent another miscarriage
I am to begin taking progesterone once I know I’m pregnant, through the first trimester. After that the child produces
the needed hormones to sustain the pregnancy.

These experiences led me on a mission to understand my body and the cause of my miscarriages.
I bought every medical book I could find that talked about gynecology and endocrinology.
This website was started (1998) when I decided to TTC one more time.

After answering thousands of emails in the first year and more questions on the site I have began the project of writing a TTC book. I have since then tried and believe in herbal remedies for restoring and maintaing hormone balance.

I’m so glad you found this site it’s nice to know we’re not alone in our TTC journey.

If you think I can help, send me an email but please be patient, I am one person trying to make a difference.

Sending lots of love and positive thoughts+++

Mama Kath

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