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Cervical Mucus

Cervical Mucus


Fertile Mucus looks like this: 

Where does fertile mucus come from?  

 Your cervix! Does the cervix look like a penis or what…right?!
Where is your cervix?   

 The cervix hangs down into vagina, opens at ovulation, oozing fertile mucus so sperm can travel up towards the egg.

Why Mucus is Important for Fertility!

Cervical Mucus or “Fertile mucus” is mother nature’s way of making you Sperm friendly & Sexually aroused!

The vagina is highly acidic to keep it clean. So what protects sperm what that acidic environment? Cervical Mucus does!

Cervical mucus is created just before ovulation to trigger sexual activity and protect the sperm.

The quality of your mucus is key to good health

Warning: Antihistamines Dry Up Mucus 

Do you suffer from allergies? Then you may be using an anti-histamine to dry that mucus but mucus actually serves a very important purpose…your body is a mucus-making machine to protect our health and there are mucusproducing tissue lines the mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, lungs…

TIP: Drink Water 

The chemical composition of mucus is complex as all tissues and fluids in our bodies. Mucus is almost 100% (95 percent) water, which form a gooey liquid when mixed with fluids. 

Mucus also has antibodies that help the body protect itself from foreign organisms. Cilia (hair-like structures), which line the esophageal and nasal cavities, help move mucus out when we sneeze or cough. The stickiness of mucus helps prevent foreign particles and bacteria from entering the lungs when we breathe.

Mucus, then, is something that our bodies make at all times, even when we’re healthy. In fact, the adult human body makes about 1 to 1.5 liters of the stuff every single day! 

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