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Gender Needle Trick

Gender Needle Trick

Fun and Remarkable Accurate!

What to do:

  • Turn off any fans and make sure circulating air is not affecting the reading.
  • Thread a sewing needle and knot it so the needle hangs about 6-10 inches from the knot.
  • Hold your left hand out, palm down.
  • Hold the knot in your right hand with the forefinger and thumb only.
  • Holding your left hand still, swing the needle so the needle hits the inside curve of your thumb, where the thumb meets the hand, three times.
  • Then turn your left hand over and move the right hand over the left, holding the needle just an inch or so above the palm of the left hand.
  • Hold both hands still and let the needle do the work.
  • The needle will begin to move

It will stop moving completely in between each pregnancy. ENJOY the possibilities!


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