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Sex for Pregnancy

Sex for Pregnancy

Best Sexual Practices To Get Pregnant

Here are tips and best practices to maximize your chance of getting pregnant for “The Dance.”

  1. SPERM FRIENDLY: The use of artificial lubricants should be avoided while trying to conceive. They may be harmful to sperm. Some women swear by using raw egg-white as a lubricant, although it may pose a risk for infection if it is contaminated. Drinking plenty of water and taking Robitussin and/or EPO may help you produce more cervical mucus.
  2. POSITIONS: The missionary position (man on top) is reported to be the best for getting close to cervix unless you have a tilted or tipped uterus, in that case spooning and doggy style (man entering from behind) allows sperm to be deposited close to the cervix. Due to gravity, woman on top is the worst position.  
  3. STAY PRONE (LYING DOWN): Some women suggest staying in bed with a pillow under their hips or legs raised in the bicycle position for at least 20 minutes after sex.  Others say it makes no difference if you get up right away. The choice is yours! If you stay prone (lying down) for 20 minutes after intercourse, the only thing that “spills out” is seminal fluid and abnormal sperm. Normal sperm is ejaculated into the vagina and immediately travels into the cervix (safe haven from the acidic environment of the vagina). Seminal fluid is the medium that carries the sperm out of the body. Abnormal/malformed sperm are not able to advance through the net-like mucus (ferning) which we know as Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM).
  4. MUSCLE POWER: Besides increasing vaginal muscle tone, Kegels exercises can be performed several hours after sex to expel any residual sperm in the vagina, which may make CM analysis confusing. Kegels are done by contracting and releasing the vaginal muscles (as you would if you had to stop urinating).

When should you start having sex to get pregnant?
Ovulation (egg and sperm) Timing