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A Foot Massage Inside Your Shoes!

Do It Together
and Order the “Couples 4Pak” 
Massage & Cooling Insoles
Only $31 w/Free Shipping! 

Massage Insoles are designed to reduce recovery time, relieve muscle and joint pain by stimulating pressure points through the over 7,000 nerve-endings in the bottom of your feet! Flip them over for cooling effect!


Not getting pregnant? 
Boost your fertility by making yourself Sperm Friendly with your own mucus!

Make Yourself Sperm Friendly with Cervical Mucus Helper includes:

Essential Fatty Acids to nourish the nerves and facilitate communication between cells and Herbs to increase cervical mucus, alkalize, detoxify. Food Supplement that aids in the absorption of thiamine, increases carbohydrate digestion, breaks down fats and helps detoxify and repair damage to the liver and assists in absorption of Vitamin A & B1, aspirin to increase blood flow to organs, quiet the immune system & Guaifenesin. Supplements are: Evening Primrose Oil, Maca, Lecithin, Guaifenesin, DGL Licorice & Aspirin.

CM Helper (cervical mucus):
1 cycle $32.00 USD                         
2 cycles $46.00 USD                         
3 cycles $59.00 USD  

CM Helper is right for you if:
You don’t see fertile (goey) mucus mid-cycle; or 
You’ve been TTC over 3 months; or
You are dealing with a male factor  

#1 FertilEdge   Herbs for Her

What this package will do for you: The Essential Fatty Acids nourish your nerves and facilitate communication between the cells and herbs to detoxify, balance hormones and strengthen the long muscles of the uterus to lengthen LP (luteal phase) and help prevent miscarriage. 

What you will get when you order:Supplements in #1 Herbs for Her package:  Evening Primrose, Flax Seed, Vitex and Red Raspberry 

30 Day Supply $52.00 USD
30 Day Supply w/ CM Helper $82.00 USD
60 Day Supply $74.00 USD
60 Day Supply w/ CM Helper $121.00 USD
90 Day Supply $99.00 USD

This package is right for you if:
Have a regular cycle;
Are a normal weight;
Age is 20-34