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Weight Loss Testimonials!

Weight Loss Testimonials!

  • 14 months after the birth of my child, a stranger asked me “when I was due”. Couldn’t explain it away with my last pregnancy. I had to do something but what. Then I heard about this amazing diet. I averaged a pound a day and felt great while on the diet. WOW AND THANKS! Lynn
  • Hi Kath, I just wanted to say a big thank you for making me aware of My Last Diet.

    Your TTC website was a source of great information and support during my 3 years of ttc (trying to conceive) for my first DS (dear son) over 8 yrs ago. I just had my 3rd and last baby 4months ago.  I had to lose 29lbs after this pregnancy.

    I spent the entire summer exercising and watching what I ate, but the weight was coming off so slowly, it was discouraging. When I got your email about the the diet it seemed too good to be true that I’ll lose all that weight without needing to do all that exercise. All I had to do was use the the spray and cut down on my calories. I had nothing to lose. I ordered it and that has been the best decision.

    I lost 21 pounds in 23 days. I have 8 pounds more to get to my target weight. I told my sister who lives overseas about it, she is excited about starting on the diet too. I will be ordering her starter kit this weekend.  Ov
  • I really could not be happier. 🙂 Christi
  • Thanks for your support! I never felt hunger or feel like it was not enough. In fact, I am adopting the two kinds of fruit per day, simple lite lunch and dinnerÂ….and water, water, water.. Oh and I have discovered Apple Cider Vinegar..great on salad etc. I am down to 210 from 226 in no more than 2 weeks. Mission accomplished. I am watching calorie intake and no starches or sugarsÂ….feeling great!  Thanks, Dan
  • WOW! 18 inches & 25 pounds! After years of Weight Watchers, I’ve already lost 25 pounds with your Homeopathic hCG! Vicki
  • In all my years of dieting, I have never enjoyed a regime so much as this! It is exciting to start the day documenting the disappearing pounds and inches. My thighs have NEVER been this thin!  Kath
  • I lost over 40 pounds and I look like I did in college! Rick 

Your Questions…

Dear Mama Kath: Can my husband also do this diet? Also, I need to raise some money before I begin the diet. Sue

Dear Sue: Your husband can ABSOLUTELY do this diet. My husband and I just went on the diet and I have attached the results and information.

I donÂ’’t think you can afford NOT to try this diet. With this diet you save money!  

Look at this:

$ 99.00  – Homeopathic hCG for 2 people for 30 days 
$320.00 – 80.00 Weekly food budget while taking the homeopathic spray (you are on a very strict diet) 

If you consider, eating fast food and buying latteÂ’s etc., when was the last time you spent less than $500 month on food? And the bonus is, you lose weight at the same time!

If you ask me, you can’t not consider this program NOW! But that’s probably because I am so excited about it! I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.  Love,  Mama Kath+++

“Ladies, this is best way to jump-start weight loss! 

This is incredible! 
I lost 11 pounds in 11 days… 
for a total of 25.2 pounds! 
My husband lost 38 pounds…OMG! Apparently it’s easier for men to lose…sigh

The key here is that you lose fat, not muscle, and the Homeopathic hCG keeps your appetite away!

It is so rewarding to step on the scale in the morning and see weight loss. Unlike my husband who is dropping over a pound per day, sometimes I see the same weight for two days and then drop 2 pounds.

The good news is, it is 11 pounds of bad fat, not precious muscle!

In all my years, I have tried EVERY DIET and this one beats them all!” 

Mama Kath

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